Boar Hunt
Since ancient times, hunting has an important place in human life. If earlier it was the only way to get food, today it is a way to feel like a…

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Moose hunt moan
The groan hunt requires exceptional restraint and calm. A hunter who has gathered at night in the wilderness of the forest must be resilient, as he has to travel long…

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Fox hunting
In recent years, every trip I take to a fox hunt is puzzling to some people who sincerely consider themselves to be hunters. More and more often I hear the…


Fox Hunt with Manco Wounded Hare
The hunt for any animal is good when you know its habits and routine of life. Fox is no exception. There are no ways to hunt for it: they hunt…


But in Russia, American semolina prevailed: films about hunting with a decoy - shtatovskie, hunting decoys - shtatovskih ... By the way, the American decoy for hunting - this is…

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Steppes and fields of Kuban

Kuban is beautiful for its vast, and in the autumn – winter period of this football field, this is where you feel how great our country is. I would also like to note the quality of the roads, I do not mean the federal highway, and the usual roads between the villages, at least in our area, they are just wonderful.

Hunting in these places is ideally suited to age achievements, no need to crawl through impassable thickets of forests, not to be afraid of swamps and the possibility of getting lost, as it was in other places of residence. And the game here is peaceful, hares and pheasants, although several times you have seen wolves, even a pack of 8 heads.

At first, when I learned that hunting is allowed only 3 days a week – I got worried, but now I understand – that’s enough. Having run over the fields, or even worse in pahata, the legs next day offer to wait until the next weekend. The hunt is beautiful and very readily available.

In the beginning, it opens onto steppe and field game – quail, pigeon, partridge. But I am not a supporter of shooting at pigeons, and the quail does not bother me, except to walk with the dog through the fields, and even then only in the morning hours, because later the sun does not spare.

When the time is right for hunting waterfowl, Rochelle and I go only to the discovery, so that she does not forget the smell, obtain the norm, go back home and … I cut the dog from the adhering burdock almost “bald”. There is a clear advantage of smooth-haired breeds of hunting dogs.

There is a desire to go on a hunt for the famous Azov plains, but as long as there is no suitable guide, you will probably have to find suitable hunting places yourself, or visit some hunting base.

The best hunt is a pheasant. Despite his caution, you have to literally kick you up with kicks, and the hitches will give odds to any runner. When I first saw the fleeing pheasant, it seemed to me that it was some kind of animal with a long tail.
Only roosters are allowed to harvest, for a season of three, or six, depending on the paper purchased.

The taste of pheasants is amazing, no wonder that pheasant dishes are popular in hunting restaurants. Good taste and local partridge, the size of a grouse.
Hunting for Kuban Zaitsy, this is probably the most popular hunting object for Kuban hunters. On the opening day, literally every field is occupied, shots are heard with such frequency that it seems to be a shooting range around you.

Several times we found still beaten hares on the field, and then we joked when leaving, whether we should take guns or look for them.

The reason for this is simple, the hare is beaten at extreme distances at random, the wounded man goes far enough, and the pursuing dog sometimes picks up another hare along the way and works along it.

I practically get a hare every Saturday, I have enough impressions for a week.

A few days before the opening of the hunt, over a length of 5 km, we counted about 30 birds with one stone.

I like the tradition of the local society of hunters, for closing, on the last day of hunting, there is an opportunity for a nominal fee to get a voucher for the extraction of one hare in the reproduction area to regulate the number.

Last season, on January 31, we mined eight birds for eight in three hours, and it was a really fun closing holiday. Boars were observed in the fields, their prey was under special control.

Hunting for Kuban We are most eager to hunt together with my brother-in-law, Vasily Ruzhin.
An excellent shooter, incessant interlocutor, passed through the fire and water of distant Yakutia, has considerable experience in hunting and fishing, with him it is interesting and free, knowing the terrain and sometimes even where the game is “tied”, we hunt with excellent results.

And when it comes time to hunt a hare, a third hunter is added – Sergey Khusnutdinov, the owner of a young kurzkharka Irma.
Beautiful small and very successful company.

The local society of hunters has its base with a pond, places of residence and a small boat park. The only drawback of the base is the road from asphalt, if it rains, then at least Niva is necessary.

On the base there are all types of stands, where competitions are sometimes held, with cooking of fish soup at the end, as well as competitions in fishing.

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