The new Rules of Hunting were perceived by many, not very understanding hunters, almost as a total ban on spring hunting for a goose. No, this is certainly not the…

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Grouse hunting
The sounds made by the singing bird are unusual, they resemble the song a little, but they are pleasant and fill the forest hut with blissful joy. This miraculous sound…

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Interesting facts about the hunt
There is information that the famous Queen of France Marie-Antoinette had three genuine passions: clothes, love and hunting and fishing. What may be needed today in the process of hunting,…

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But in Russia, American semolina prevailed: films about hunting with a decoy – shtatovskie, hunting decoys – shtatovskih … By the way, the American decoy for hunting – this is not for you Russian goose, and the team they mostly sport, but not semolina The goose will not go to such teams … And far from all competitions in the skill of decoying, the judges clearly understand what manna hunting is and how a duck decoy or a duck decoy should sound.

Ask the addict-duckling – he will tell you that modern American sports decoy, most of which are brass decoys sold in Russia for a duck, is completely different in sound to a real duck. Yes, in general, it will be clear to you yourself, even when an expert will be able to correctly lure them.

Moreover, the “dialect” so to speak of the American goose and the Russian duck are different from their counterparts, and this is even justified by the fact that the weight and size of birds differ in many cases, not to mention subspecies. Hence, the American decoy is not quite to the place in Russia, especially, for example, you rarely find anywhere on the gray goose decoy.

The decoy for hunting must be studied on the semolina, on the decoy, whether they will respond or not. Without practice, learning how to use a decoy for hunting only from video films is very problematic – but it’s worth a try.

There are a lot of such videos, and, as a rule, they are attached to any semolina. However, they are sold separately as an independent way to earn it is now popular.

How to beckon, that is, the sound communication system itself in ducks and geese is quite ramified, and in order to beckon a duck or a goose it is necessary at least approximately to understand when and what sounds they make and for what purpose. A sonorous and loud decoy is needed over a large area, quiet, melodic on a small water mirror and short distances.

Duck hunting is one of the most accessible, interesting and catching types of waterfowl hunting, which has dozens of ways that make the hunter not only shoot well, but know the duck’s habits, and be able to attract the drake with decoy and decoy. Now you can find a lot of descriptions of the correct hunt for a duck, but perhaps they all sin by repeatedly rewriting the same thing from each other, but they don’t bring real help to the hunters. Therefore, we asked Alexey Manannikov to write a short article revealing some of the tricks of duck hunting.


I grew up in one peat-producing village in the north of the Moscow region, and peat quarries, the old beds of small rivers, forming bochagy, for many years, served me as a school of duck hunting. I will try to share my experience of this, perhaps, the most accessible and very interesting hunt.
There are many ways to hunt duck, one of them – hunting duck with decoys and stuffed animals.

I divide the summer-autumn duck hunt on peat pits into three stages. The first stage continues from the opening of the hunting season to the autumn molting of birds. In the Moscow region, it begins at the end of August and lasts about a month, but the complete absence of flight lasts about two weeks. Up to this point, I have been using only five stuffed quack ducks, only brown in color. It is desirable that the dummy was darker than the color of a live duck so that it could be better seen in the evening. Attached to stuffed steel meter fishing leashes with a sliding weight weighing 80-100 grams. Sliding weight is convenient when casting, and the steel leash is not confused as a normal rope. I scatter scarecrows in forage places on the outskirts of windows from a duckweed or reed (reed) in close proximity to their shelter. But I land one or two in an open space, 30-40 meters away from me, preferably with ripples on the water, so that the waves would set in motion a scarecrow. This attracts flying ducks, even at a great distance from my ambush.

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Duck Hunt with Manco. Landing stuffed duck hunting with decoys.

When hunting for a duck with a decoy to locate his shelter, I always take into account the direction of the wind: in most cases, the bird comes to land against the wind. I prefer to shoot from the side in the hijacking. Since I attach the butt of the gun to the right shoulder, it is more convenient for me when the duck flies to the left from behind and diagonally moves away from me to the right.

At the end of the summer, the coastal vegetation is thick and diverse, so no wisdom of disguise is required. Camouflage under the landscape, a mask on the face and gloves – the minimum necessary at this time. Although many people question the need for a mask and gloves, in my practice it was not once that the oncoming duck changed the direction of flight as soon as I threw up and turned to the target. It was the movement of light parts of the body against the background of darker vegetation that frightened the bird.


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But in Russia, American semolina prevailed: films about hunting with a decoy - shtatovskie, hunting decoys - shtatovskih ... By the way, the American decoy for hunting - this is…