But in Russia, American semolina prevailed: films about hunting with a decoy - shtatovskie, hunting decoys - shtatovskih ... By the way, the American decoy for hunting - this is…

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Almost like in Africa
In my youth, back in the Soviet era, I often went to the bestial hunt, where mostly moose were shot. These were the annual trips with the hunting team, in…

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Roe hunting
One of the most beautiful animals on the globe is the roe deer. Representatives of the deer family have practically no ramifications on their horns, their shape is rounded and…

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In connection with the opening on August 26 of the hunting season for marsh-meadow, waterfowl, field and boron game, employees of the Rosselkhoznadzor urge hunters to observe a number of necessary rules for the prevention of a dangerous disease.

In particular, it is impossible to gut collected game in your yard. Locals should avoid contacting poultry with wild waterfowl.

In addition, it is necessary to destroy the offal, feather and do not feed waste pet.

In the event of the discovery of dead birds in forest areas, on reservoirs, you must immediately inform the hunting authorities and veterinary service representatives.
How to keep the game on the hunt, how to keep the duck on the hunt, how to keep the game in the field, how to save the game on the hunt in the heat, how to keep the game in the forest, how to gut the duck
How to keep the game on the hunt
Great influence on the quality of meat have methods of primary processing of game and the conditions of its storage during the hunt. Primary game processing should be carried out immediately after extraction and in the following sequence: gutting, preservative treatment, mandrel and cooling.

You shouldn’t pluck a bird, as precious time will be spent, and the skin without feathers is more traumatized and soaked during storage and transportation. In addition, the game in the feather is more beautiful, which is of no small importance. It should, however, be borne in mind that in the warm season the plucked carcasses cool down much faster and the meat does not sour. This especially applies to waterfowl covered with thick down, which retains heat well.

After shooting it is necessary to remove the inside of the bird. Apply full and partial gutting. In the warm season, the waterfowl must be gutted no later than 1-2 hours after the shooting, and in the cold one – “5-6-hour cut-off. Only in frost, when the air temperature is below –15 ° C, can the carcasses be left completely unsapidated, but you should immediately straighten them and freeze them. To do this, on the snow, it is necessary to spread the branches and arrange the birds on them so that they do not touch the snow and each other. When tapping on a well-frozen carcass, a sharp, dry sound is heard. Low-frozen game easily thaws and deteriorates. For subsequent long-term storage, it is better to gut. To do this, cut the bird’s abdominal cavity, make an annular incision around the anus and remove all the insides. Heart, liver and fat can be put back. Very small game, such as quail, snipe, not gutting. It has been observed that if, long after slaughter, the bird’s stomach is not removed, the resinous food stuffs impregnate the meat and give it a too sharp smell. If the goiter and intestines are clogged with ripe berries, the meat quickly deteriorates.

It should be noted that with complete gutting it is necessary to cut the abdomen, which contributes to the penetration of microorganisms from the air into the internal cavity of the bird. In this regard, there is an opinion that complete gutting accelerates meat spoilage and it is more expedient to make partial gutting, that is, to remove only the intestines.

The meat of young black grouse deteriorates especially quickly. Therefore, they should be gutted immediately after the end of the hunt.

With partial gutting, you can make a neat ring incision around the anus or, even without making it, carefully remove the intestine with a wooden hook cut from a branch. The hook should be inserted into the anus about ten centimeters and, turning it in one direction two or three times, pull it out along with a part of the intestine, and then gently stretch the entire intestine to the end of the intestine, which is torn off from the stomach itself. In this case, the external appearance of the carcass is fully preserved, and only in the area of ​​the abdomen is a drop.

Then the carcass is treated with salt and plants containing phytoncides. Phytoncides are volatile substances that have a detrimental effect on microorganisms. Phytoncides are present in the needles of pine, spruce, fir, cedar, juniper, in the leaves of bird cherry and black currant, in wild garlic, onions and garlic, in mustard powder, etc. In addition, wormwood, nettle and those plants that scare away are used in the hunt flies and other insects.

The inner surface of the carcass should be cleaned of blood and rubbed with salt, poured into the mouth cavity. Salt is a good preservative and one large bird of the bird (goose, wood grouse) should be consumed not more than 20 g, and for stinging medium-sized game ( black grouse, partridge, duck) – no more than 10 g. You can rub the inner surface of the carcass, pour it into the oral cavity, sprinkle eyes and bloody parts with mustard powder or ground black pepper. There is evidence that game treated with mustard powder is stored at room temperature for up to seven days. It is possible to fill the abdomen and mouth with needles, needles, nettles or branches of other plants containing phytoncides. Some hunters recommend using crushed charcoal for this. It is better not to fill the abdominal cavity of a waterfowl with needles or grass, but rub 5-10% with table vinegar or treat with salt.


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In connection with the opening on August 26 of the hunting season for marsh-meadow, waterfowl, field and boron game, employees of the Rosselkhoznadzor urge hunters to observe a number of…


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