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Hunting grouse

The success of the autumn hunt for a hazel grouse with dunks depends on several reasons: the hunter’s behavior during the luring, the ability to use dunks and the weather. Best of all hazel grouse goes to quiet clear dawns. In cold and windy weather, hazel grouse goes badly. The autumn grouse hunt itself translates into a dialogue with this forest recluse. Enjoying the solitude and silence of the forest relaxing from the hustle and bustle of the city. Moving through the woods, the place to stop should be chosen as less open as possible, because the hazel hen doesn’t like to fly up to clean places, and if it flies to a clean place, it mostly moves on foot on the ground. colors complements her vivid impressions.

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Where to look for grouse

Favorite habitats of hazel grouse are low spruce forests with an admixture of birch, aspen and alder. The bird loves clutter, ravines, streams. He avoids tall pine forests and deciduous forests. The pair chooses a square of about 400×400 meters, where the male tries not to let anyone out of his fellow tribesmen.

Grouse character

He is contradictory. Caution borders on extreme gullibility, especially in places where the bird is not frightened. Having well disguised, it is possible to entice the grouse so that it will literally run at your legs, and you can even grab it with your hand. The male is fearless and ready to fight for the female and his territory to the last drop of blood. The female also tries not to lose her beloved hubby, who is almost always ready to turn left, having heard the flirtatious call-up voice of another friend. The female often first appears on the decoy. And here the hunter should be very attentive and shoot only after he was convinced that it was the male that was in front of him. And further. It often happens that in the early autumn, a whole brood may come running to you in one file or two. Lower the rifle. Putting a few birds in a pair of shots will not make up the labor, but this is no longer a hunt for a grouse. Consider that in this case you are lucky to see this and no luck in terms of hunting. It is possible, of course, to scare off and get birds that are planted in trees, but the target hunt with decoys is difficult to name.

Weather for hunting grouse

Hazel grouse likes quiet days: sunny or overcast – it makes no difference. The main thing is that there is no wind, rain and snow. In such conditions, you can not go hunting. But the weather is good, but the grouse does not sing, or reluctantly responds. So wait for bad weather. The bird is a good barometer and it recognizes bad weather in two or three days.

The time of hunting grouse

Do not hurry before dawn to get into the forest. By nature, hazel grouse is a big dormouse. At that time, when all the birds are already on their feet and wings, the hazel grouse is still only waking up. He is sullenly sitting, fooling around in the midst of trees, gazing lazily around, as if the whole world is not nice to him, and is silent. You have to beckon for a long time and in a variety of ways before he decides to respond. Somewhere from 9 o’clock, he begins to actively awake.

Hunting grouse, hunting grouse with dunks, how to lure a grouse, how to shoot a hazel grouse, hunting for a hazel grouse with a dandelion in autumn, autumn hunting for a hazel grouse, decoy for a hazel hen
The choice of location and disguise for hunting grouse

Of course, on the hunt you do not need a situation where grouse can be grabbed by the hand. It is enough to stand behind a tree trunk or a small tree to provide shelter. But you have to stand absolutely still, holding the decoy constantly in your mouth, and only as necessary change it with a smooth movement of your hand. Need to get up so that before you had a good panorama of the review, light forest with the least amount of spruce, in which the hazel grouse likes to hide.

How to shoot a hazel grouse

The trunks usually charge the seventh and third fraction numbers. The latter has to be used when it is necessary to pierce the natural screen, for which the bird has sat down. Try to keep the grouse closer than 20 meters, as you break it. Well, if this happens, stop beckoning and wait until it flies away, but do not frighten him yourself.

How to lure grouse

Despite the seemingly uncomplicated melody, learning to lure grouse is not easy. Beckoning well and without mistakes is not at all easy. But do not worry, everything is given by work, and even a person who does not have a hearing can do it. One must be able to reproduce the three voices of the male: energetic, weak, chatter. And as many varieties of the song of the female: searching for a male and calling for reunion in a couple; responding to the voice of a male when he is already in a pair; and playing up to the male when it starts to come closer. It is not enough to hear grouse singing. You must have a good teacher who will explain and teach in detail how to whistle. He will help in the selection of the decoys. Among the metal ones produced by our industry, you can pick up gorgeous females, but you will have to make the males yourself from a hare or wood-grouse bone or ask skilled craftsmen, experienced hunters.


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